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A CEN Workshop to initiate the standardization process of EMAs:

The kick-off meeting of this workshop took place on 28th January 2015 in Brussels.


List of modules to be standardised, possibly with attached description and including a forum for discussion moderated by NLR / CEN / GAS / ARTTIC:


The following items have tentatively been identified for standardization and will be the subject of five Working Groups (WGs):

  1. Power Drive Electronics modular architecture guidelines (PDE guidelines) & Internal Standardized Supply Interface (ISSI).
  2. Power Core Module (PCM).
  3. Control & Monitoring Module (CMM).
  4. Protocol for Inverter Control Over LVDS (PICOL).
  5. Motor interface.


Supporting documentation and links:


The CEN Workshop preparation will follow the guidelines provided on the CEN web site.
The preparatory work will be performed by NLR, CEN, GAS and ARTTIC.
Public documents will also be stored here when available.