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News & Events

ACTUATION2015 European Public Forum - 15 March 2016 in Toulouse (Programme and presentations)



Please download the programme of the ACTUATION2015 European Public Forum here.


The presentations which were used at the forum can be downloaded below.

  1. Welcome  (by Marc-Olivier Legrand, Goodrich SAS, France)
  2. Challenges and impact on European technologies and competitiveness  (by Robert Turpin, Goodrich SAS, France)

  3. A Trans-Ata, Trans-Actuators and Trans-Aircraft modular appraoch specified and validated by European (by Markus Christmann, EADS-D, Germany / Prepared by Marc Fervel, AIRBUS France).

  4. A Modeling of the Trans-modular components (by Fransciscus L.J van der Linden, DLR, Germany)

  5. A Pre-Standardisation of the Trans-modular components (by René Eveleens, NLR, The Netherlands)

  6. ACTUATION2015 Hardware (by Serge Grand, Goodrich SAS, France)

  7. ACTUATION2015 Health Monitoring  (by Robin Davies, BAE Systems, UK)

  8. ACTUATION2015 Dedicated rig and tests for modularity (by Marc Wälly, SAGEM, France)

  9. Wrap up (by Marc-Olivier Legrand, Goodrich SAS, France)