ACTUATION2015 simultaneously addresses the development and validation of standardised, modular and pooled EMA for all airframe systems. To achieve this ambitious objective, ACTUATION2015 gathers a critical mass of expertise in a wide range of skills (Component suppliers, Actuator suppliers, Actuation system supplier, A/C manufacturers, and Certification Authorities) and, especially for standardisation, the main stakeholders in the field.

The ACTUATION2015 Consortium has been drawn up in this spirit and the consortium gathers 54 partners. Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, a UTC Aerospace  Systems Company is coordinating the project.

The consortium includes:

  • The main European players in actuator and component suppliers
  • The main European players of the Business, Regional and Commercial aircraft industry and the Helicopter industry
  • European Standardisation authorities (CEN)
  • R&T and test centres from all over Europe, with international reputation in aircraft equipment development (design, analysis, manufacturing, test), with past and recognized experience on many aircraft programs (A350, F7X, etc.) for the above key European players
  • Universities from several European countries, each of them internationally recognized for the quality of their scientific work, in the field of electric actuation standardisation. Several of them have long-term relationship with both aircraft manufacturers and equipment providers, which means a strong pre-existing confidence.
  • SMEs – ten SMEs work in ACTUATION2015 and cover a wide range of activities (software, manufacturing and assembly, R&T and test centres, R&T project support)


ACTUATION2015 consortium

Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, a UTC Aerospace Systems Company

Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, a UTC Aerospace Systems Company

Further Information:

Organizational Activities

Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, a UTC Aerospace Systems Company (GAS-F) is a French subsidiary of United Technology Corporation, one of the largest worldwide aerospace and defense supplier with an operating history of over 135 years. Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS headquarters are located at BUC and hold business in France (1 050 employees and a 2011 turnover of 264 M€). UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS benefits from the know-how resulting from the merging of the former companies SAMM, Lucas Aerospace, Bronzavia, Hamilton Sundstrand, Claverham and Goodrich Aerospace Systems - leaders in aeronautical actuation technologies. Today UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS supplies a large range of Aeronautical Components and Systems, from classical hydraulic actuators to the latest state of the art Fly-By-Wire Systems and Power by Wire (EHA). Positioned on the whole Airbus family for the supply of its actuation systems for PFC (A300 to the A380), UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS is a reference partner for European large-scale and complex projects. UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS is the main supplier on the large civil aircraft market, e.g. the EHA and EBHA for Primary Flight Controls on the A380. UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS is also the leader in helicopter flight control for Eurocopter Fr from classical hydraulic Skirrel to the FBW NH 90. On the missiles and launchers segment UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS has developed thrust vector control including electro –mechanical actuation systems based on a direct drive architecture. UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS is involved in major new technology projects preparing for the future “single aisle” aircraft and middle size helicopter. With long time experience in various research and innovative Aeronautical actuation systems, UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS has been involved in the largest research projects funded by the European Commission in the aerospace sector, including FP6 POA and MOET and FP7 TRIADE.
UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS has the skilled personnel (project manager, engineers and technicians) and the development facilities requested for this project:

  • An electronic and mechanical design department (80 engineers and 40 designers-technicians) for electronics, software, mechanical and thermal aspects.
  • Actuation System design and development wide experience.
  • PCB design capability and electronic simulation software.
  • Development means: CATIA, IDEAS, MATLAB, AMESIM
  • Unit Testers and Test Benches development means.

Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, a UTC Aerospace Systems Company, will be the Coordinator in ACTUATION 2015.

Role in the Project

The Coordinator (UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS) is responsible for all aspects of the interface between the project and the EC. UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS has appointed an ACTUATION2015 Coordinator (Laurent Brault) who will be the focal point for the overall coordination of the project as well as for administrative and financial content. The ACTUATION2015 coordinator’s responsibilities will be to:

  • Manage the EC contract
  • Handle and distribute the funds according to the rules agreed within the consortium
  • Maintain the interface with the Project Officer assigned by the EC
  • Maintain regular contact with the partner organisations
  • Organise the General Assembly and chair the Executive Board meetings
  • Ensure global project coordination with the aim to meet the project schedule and objectives

The Project Support Team will be in charge of daily management work and logistics.
The Support Team will be made of

  • A Technical Coordinator appointed by UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS (Serge Bloch) in charge of supervising the technical work and providing advice to the SP leaders and WP leaders on main technical development

A Quality and Risk manager to be appointed by UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS (Jimmy Grutus) in charge of establishing and validating quality control procedures, risk management procedures and risk register management. The Quality and Risk manager will be supported by the Project Office that will take care of the daily monitoring of quality control and risk register follow-up.

Key Personnel