ACTUATION2015 simultaneously addresses the development and validation of standardised, modular and pooled EMA for all airframe systems. To achieve this ambitious objective, ACTUATION2015 gathers a critical mass of expertise in a wide range of skills (Component suppliers, Actuator suppliers, Actuation system supplier, A/C manufacturers, and Certification Authorities) and, especially for standardisation, the main stakeholders in the field.

The ACTUATION2015 Consortium has been drawn up in this spirit and the consortium gathers 54 partners. Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, a UTC Aerospace  Systems Company is coordinating the project.

The consortium includes:

  • The main European players in actuator and component suppliers
  • The main European players of the Business, Regional and Commercial aircraft industry and the Helicopter industry
  • European Standardisation authorities (CEN)
  • R&T and test centres from all over Europe, with international reputation in aircraft equipment development (design, analysis, manufacturing, test), with past and recognized experience on many aircraft programs (A350, F7X, etc.) for the above key European players
  • Universities from several European countries, each of them internationally recognized for the quality of their scientific work, in the field of electric actuation standardisation. Several of them have long-term relationship with both aircraft manufacturers and equipment providers, which means a strong pre-existing confidence.
  • SMEs – ten SMEs work in ACTUATION2015 and cover a wide range of activities (software, manufacturing and assembly, R&T and test centres, R&T project support)


ACTUATION2015 consortium



Further Information:

Organizational Activities

CESA was created from an initiative to strengthen the international position of  capitalized aeronautics accessories industry. Originated as CASA’s Accessories Division, in 1989 became CESA, as a result of a stock agreement between CASA and LUCAS AEROSPACE, two highly prestigious firms in the civil and military aeronautics sector. Current shareholders are EADS CASA & Goodrich with 60% and 40% of participation respectively.

Role in the Project

Task 2.1.2 - Lubrication: Design, manufacture and test new parts including new combinations materials/ coatings for demonstrator components
Task 2.1.3 –Materials: Design, manufacture and test new actuator parts susceptible of substitution for weight reduction purposes.
Task 4.3.1 Identification and Definition of Regenerated Power Management Options: Identify candidate solutions.
Task 4.3.2 Evaluation and Selection of the Preferred Regenerated Power Management Option: Task leader. Evaluate candidate  solutions

Key Personnel