Expected results

Building on the previous EC projects eg. MOET (FP6-030861), ACTUATION2015 will deliver:

  • Standards and modular EMA products, tools and methods ready to use with the output of CLEAN SKY SGO, making available the technology needed to develop the All-Electric Aircraft
  • New mature actuation technologies (TRL 5 modules):
    • Improved sensor technologies
    • New control and power management techniques
    • Standardised and enhanced Health and Usage Monitoring
    • Mechatronics solutions applicable to aircraft environmental conditions
  • Common standards and Shop Replaceable Units (SRU) or Line Replaceable Units (LRU):
    • Motors, sensors, Power Drive Electronics (PDE), power drive systems
  • Communality and scalability in qualification process, providing credit for certification:
    • Qualification methods
    • Data base on components technologies and processes

Three types of standard modules – PDE, Motors and Mechanics – used to build several actuator systems are jointly specified and then developed to validate:

  • The concept of modular standard component applicable to several actuator systems (primary and secondary flight control, high lift, landing gear, thrust reverser and cargo doors), scalable for application to different types of systems and aircraft (from helicopters to business and regional aircraft up to large commercial aircraft)
  • Low cost and mature actuation technology for several actuator systems starting with landing gear (the most costly system) and flight control - the core of the systems aircraft architecture
  • The overall weight, operational reliability, installation and maintenance benefit at a global level of electrical actuation solution

 This will result in the creation of standardised modules hardware families, interfaces and software environment enabling the development and production of modular EMA technologies.

Actuation results