Description of Work

The technical approach is to gather detailed airframers’ requirements, specify a set of standard modules and develop module and EMA prototypes for assessment at component and actuator level through rig tests and the virtual validation of modules. In parallel, a unified EMA design process supported by standard methods and tools is also developed.

ACTUATION2015 is addressing a large range of:

  • Aircraft families including business, regional and large commercial aircraft as well as helicopters
  • Systems including primary and secondary flight controls lift, main landing gear, doors and thrust reversers

ACTUATION2015 is following two approaches:

  • Top-down, using the airframers partners expertise, for the definition, specification, standardisation, architecture optimisation and validation of modules and EMAs
  • Bottom-up, developing innovative and improved technologies needed to achieve cost, reliability and weight targets: via new materials, anti-corrosion and lubrication techniques, system health monitoring, motor design and power management.

The validation and verification activities are taking into account the needs and architecture differences of the aircraft and helicopter applications. They will be performed through physical and virtual prototypes including linear and rotary EMAs for Primary Flight Control, Braking, Main Landing Gear and Secondary Flight Control.

Actuation work

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