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ACTUATION2015 (Modular Electro Mechanical Actuators for ACARE 2020 Aircraft and Helicopters) is a collaborative research and development project coordinated by Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, a UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS COMPANY gathering 54 partners including the European key players in the aircraft industry. ACTUATION2015 aims to develop and validate a common set of standardised, modular and scalable Electro Mechanical Actuators (EMA) resources for all actuators (flight control, high lift, landing gear, door, thrust reverser) and all types of aircraft (business/regional/commercial airplanes and helicopters).
ACTUATION2015 is supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, grant number 284915.

ACTUATION2015 is a 4,5 year integrated project comprising 54 partners representing the European stakeholders of the actuation and airframe sectors from 12 countries



ACTUATION2015 Towards the next generation of aircraft



To maintain Europe’s role as a global leader in the field of aeronautics and to better serve society needs, the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) defined in its roadmap “VISION2020” the strategic directions for the aviation sector. Ensuring safety and security of passengers, protecting the environment, providing for efficient energy supply and maintaining and extending industrial leadership are amongst the main goals to be targeted.`

All-Electric Aircraft

As one of the key technologies towards the realisation of these goals, Europe’s aeronautic sector is focusing on the development of a new generation of planes and helicopters: the “All-Electric Aircraft”. Various large initiatives such as CLEANSKY SGO have been launched under the 7th Framework Programme in recent years to get closer to this goal. ACTUATION2015 will complete this overall approach by focusing on Electro Mechanical Actuators (EMA) technologies. EMAs are mandatory in order to eliminate hydraulic circuits, pumps and reservoirs.

Standard modular and scalable EMA modules

The objective of ACTUATION 2015 is to develop and validate a common set of standardised, modular and scalable EMA modules that address cost, reliability and weight requirements from the airframers. Compared to current single-aisle aircraft, ACTUATION 2015 will reduce the overall Life Cycle Costs of actuators by 30%, improve reliability by 30% and reduce aircraft weight by 500kg. ACTUATION 2015 will provide the European industry the technology innovation necessary to increase the competiveness in the global market.

ACTUATION2015 Our Partners

To achieve the ambitious ACTUATION2015 objectives, a critical mass of expertise has been gathered in a wide range of skills (Component suppliers, Actuator suppliers, Actuation system suppliers, A/C manufacturers, and Certification Authorities) and, especially for standardisation, the main stakeholders in the field.

The ACTUATION2015 Consortium has been drawn up in this spirit and gathers 54 partners.